Genomic Data Science Focused on Life Extension & Aging

On a global basis and in aggregate, wet lab experiments in human biology produce one of the most important forms of data known to mankind, especially when it relates to epigenetics, genes, proteins, genomic pathways and environmental factors that can improve human health and extend human lifespan. We are a start-up with a focus on Life Sciences in the area of advanced artificial intelligence analytics connected to extending human healthspan and extending human lifespan. Currently our platform, GenoPharm©, and solutions are free to academic institutions.

One of our immediate goals includes enabling an exhaustive exploration of all known and unknown relationships between age-related genes, proteins, compounds, pathways etc. associated to human longevity backed by the experimental findings of our own and those of our collaborators. For example, see a few of our data visualization projects here displaying pathway-to-pathway, pathway-to-gene/protein hidden relationships and interactions.

Based on a patented (#7,987,191) platform, our system includes advanced and proprietary big data analytics, products, tools and interactive dynamic data visualizations for the purpose of uncovering hidden relationships between age-related genes, DNA repair genes, proteins, biological processes, molecular compounds, plant compounds (phytochemicals), enzymes, genomic pathways, micro and macro environment that connect to extending human healthspan and lifespan.